Sky Phenomenon Along 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

I always love when an article told about sun, star, moon, planets, asteroid...our universe. For sky lover, along 2010, you can see many sky phenomenon almost each month. Use your telescope (i wish i can have this one hehe..) to see some of them (while we can see with naked eyes for the others). Here's the list...and don't forget.

January 15, The longest Sun Eclipse
Ring sun eclipse will take place on January 15, 2010, especially in Afrika, India, and China. The eclipse will take time 11 minutes 8 seconds, the longest eclipse for this millennium. This duration will not occurs again until 3043.

January 29, Mars Approach The Earth
This day, Mars will just about 61,7 million miles from earth. This is the best time to observe red planet by telescope. Even tough Mars approach us, we still can not see by naked eyes, as for us, this planet will just about little star in the sky.

February 16, Jupiter and Venus Seen Together
Like two boats accross the sea, Venus and Jupiter will be seen together with space of 5 degrees. Jupiter will approach the sun while Venus moving far from the sun.

March 28 - April 12, Pairs of Venus and Mercurius
This interesting pairs will show off in the west and east sky. The distance of both just about 5 degrees. Venus shows in the left and a bit above Mercurius's shadow. On April 3, they will really close, just about 3 degrees.

June 6, Two Interesting Phenomenon
Mars will just about less than 1 degree from Blue Star, Regulus. This combination will be seen in the night sky. At the same night, Jupiter Uranus will be seen together on three conjunction. There are only six conjunctions like this between 1801 and 2200. The last one in 1983, and the others will come about 2037 - 2038.

June 26, Partial Moon Eclipse
This eclipse will take place in Hawaii, west Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, East Malaysia and Asia. In this locations, the partial eclipse will be seen that the moon surface turns to dark, covered by earth's shadow.

July 11, Total Sun Eclipse
The total sun eclipse will occurs 15 miles from Tahiti and Paskah Island, while in South Pacific, our sun will be covered for 4 minutes 45 seconds.

Early August, Trio Planets
Mars, Venus and Jupiter will show what Jean Meeus says as "trio", while this three planet will be on a round with diameter minimum smaller than 5 degrees.

August 12, Perseid Meteor Showers
It is said that about 90 meteors will falls each hour.

September 21, Jupiter, Big and High
Jupiter will be on the high sky in the mid night (-2,9 magnetudo). On this orbit, Jupiter closer than it's average distance.

End of October, Don't forget to see your sky
Yes...Harley Comet 2 will come accross our sky, 11,2 million miles from earth at October 20, 2010, just a week before this comet will approach the sun. But, we just can see this comet at a village condition, not in the middle of city ($_$).

December 14, Meteor Shower of Gemini
Meteor Shower of Gemini will be back. About 120 meteors per hour will fall down, and create a beautiful phenomenon.

December 20-21, Total Moon Eclipse
Seems like this year we will have some eclipses...
North America will be the best place to observe this eclipse.
This eclipse will occurs about 1 hour and 14 minutes.



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