GAZA, Before and After

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gaza these day...

How about before?

Isn't it beautiful?


The Biggest Diamond in Universe, BPM 37093

Monday, 27 July 2009

Will you trust me if i said "Have been founded, The Biggest Diamond Star in Outerspace?"
You don't? No, trust me, it's true.


How to Avoid Hypnotic?

I have just read an article about "Avoiding Hypnotic",and I think it's useful nowdays (ps. if you prefer in Indonesian language, please click here.)

1. Do not let your mind empty while in public area.
It will cause telepathic link open and the opponent side is easy to give some commands through telepathic.

2. Be aware if you suddenly feel unproper sleepy, probably someone with negative intent
trying to make telepathic forcing.


Some of 100 Photos That Changed The World

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sometimes we do not need to speak up, sometimes a truth lies on a picture or a photo, silent but clear...Some of 100 photos that changed the world...


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Many version for blood characteristics i read from many sources. Because I think this is interesting, i present some variety for this issue, as i just make a copy from the others coz i didn't make any research for this..but enjoy it :)

Type O:
Type O's are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don't always finish what they start. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.

Type A:
While outwardly calm, they have such high standards (perfectionists) that they tend to be balls of nerves on the inside. Type A's are the most artistic of the blood groups. They can be shy, are conscientious, trustworthy, and sensitive.

Type B:
Goal oriented and strong minded, type B's will start a task and continue it until completed, and completed well. Type B's are the individualists of the blood group categories and find their own way in life.

Type AB:
Type AB's are the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both outgoing and shy, confident and timid. While responsible, too much responsibility will cause a problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others.

Type-A people are farmers. They are shy, introverted perfectionists. They are considerate to others and cannot tell a lie easily. They are loyal to friends and coworkers. They can be secretive, though, and don't often share their feelings. They don't hold their liquor well.

Type-B people are hunters. They have independent spirits with strong personalities. While they don't care what others think of them, they are extremely passionate about the things they hold dear. They can be shallow, lazy, and quite impatient.

Type-AB people are humanists. They are an unpredictable, distant lot, but tend to use their heads over their hearts. They are good with money. They seek accord and so work well as mediators; however, they can be viewed as two-faced.

Type-O people are warriors. They are outgoing, expressive, and passionate. They are highly motivated and natural leaders. Blessed with a strong physical presence, they aren't afraid to gamble because they are so convinced they will win. They are natural athletes. They tend to be obsessive in their quest for success, and this can make them boring to others.

Basic Behavior
Type O:
Make objectives clear
Possess great deal of confidence
Honest, optimistic and energetic

Type A:
Careful about decision-making
Make things clear in black and white
Care too much about social rules and standards

Type B:
Make decisions fast
Can be flexible
Do not care about rules
Respect scientific and practical findings

Type AB:
Extremely practical
Excellent in analyses
Give fair criticisms
Cannot decide when it comes to important issues

How do they express their emotions?
Type O:
Usually stable and calm
Sensitive towards sincerity
Give frank, direct opinions

Type A:
Able to display cool outlook even though angry
Take longer to heal a broken heart
Sensitive to others' opinions

Type B:
Cool and objective
Although joke a lot, could actually be very shy
Change moods like the weather
Cannot stop complaining when they are upset

Type AB:
Usually cool and steady, but can get upset with an immediate, unsolved problem
Can get moody easily

How do they work?
Type O:
Ability to concentrate vary from time to time, depending on aim
Mostly prefer to lead
Can overlook details

Type A:
Handle one thing at a time
Work a line between work and personal affairs
Highly responsible
Tend to choose hobbies which help them release stress

Type B:
Creative and possess new ideas
Cannot differentiate between work and hobby
Cannot take orders
Do not hesitate to introduce innovative changes and are not worried about theirs criticisms

Type AB:
Able to handle a wide scope of jobs
Value hard work
Quick in understanding
Not highly responsible and unable to follow-up on a project until its completion
Tend to be artistic in approach

Did You Know?
Blood type and Rh How many people have it?
O + ------------------------40 %
O - ------------------------ 7 %
A + ------------------------34 %
A - ----------------------- 6 %
B + ------------------------8 %
B - ------------------------1%
AB + ----------------------- 3 %
AB - ------------------------1 %


Characteristics based on Blood type

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Untuk lebih detailnya, ini hasil survey yg dilakukan di Jepang :


Yg paling gampang ngaret soal waktu
1. B (krn santai)
2. O (krn terlalu lama berkaca/flamboyan)
3. AB (krn mudah mengganti program)
4. A (krn kurang disiplin)

Yg paling bisa dipercaya
1. A (krn konsisten dan taat hukum)
2.O (demi menjaga balance)
3 B (demi kenikmatan hidup)
4 AB (mudah ganti frame of reference)

Yg paling disukai utk jadi teman
1.O (orangnya sportif)
2.A (selalu on time dan persis)
3.AB (kreatif)
4.B (tergantung mood)

Kebalikannya, teman yg paling disebelin/tidak disukai
1.B (egois, easy come easy go, maunya sendiri)
2.AB (standard aj)
3.A (terlalu taat )
4.O (sulit mengalah tp setia)


Yg paling mudah tersesat

Yg paling banyak meraih medali di olimpiade olah raga
1. O (jago olah raga)
2. A (persis dan matematis)
3. B (tak terpengaruh pressure dari sekitar. Hampir seluruh atlet judo, renang
dan gulat jepang bergoldar B)
4. AB (alergi pada setiap jenis olah raga)

Yg paling banyak jadi direktur dan pemimpin
1 O (krn berjiwa leadership dan problem-solver)
2 A (krn berpribadi "minute" dan teliti)
3 B (krn sensitif dan mudah ambil keputusan)
4 AB (krn kreatif dan suka ambil resiko)

Yg jadi PM jepang rata2 bergolongan darah
1. O (berjiwa pemimpin)

Mahasiswa Tokyo Univ pada umumnya bergol darah : B

Yg paling gampang nabung
1. A (suka menghitung bunga bank)
2. O (suka melihat prospek)
3. AB (menabung krn punya proyek)
4. B (baru menabung kalau punya uang banyak)

Yg paling kuat ingatannya
1. O
2. AB
3. A
4. B

Yg paling cocok jadi MC
1. A (kaya planner berjalan)


Yg paling panjang umur
1. O (gak gampang stress, antibodynya paling yahud!)
2. A (hidup teratur)
3. B (mudah cari kompensasi stress)
4. AB (amburadul)

Yg paling gampang gendut
1. O (nafsu makan besar, makannya cepet lagi)
2. B (makannya lama, nambah terus, dan lagi suka makanan enak)
3. A (hanya makan apa yg ada di piring, terpengaruh program diet)
4. AB (Makan tergantung mood, mudah kena anorexia)

Paling gampang digigit nyamuk
O (darahnya manis)

Yg paling gampang flu/demam/batuk/ pilek
1. A (lemah terhadap virus dan pernyakit menular)
2. AB (lemah thd hygiene)
3. O (makan apa saja enak atau nggak enak)
4. B (makan, tidur nggak teratur)

Apa yg dibuat pada acara makan2 di sebuah pesta
1. O (banyak ngambil protein hewani, pokoknya daging2an)
2. A (ngambil yg berimbang. 4 sehat 5 sempurna)
3. B (suka ambil makanan yg banyak kandungan airnya spt soup, soto, bakso dsb)
4. AB (hobby mencicipi semua masakan, "aji mumpung")

Yg paling cepat botak
1. O
2. B
3. A
4. AB

Yg tidurnya paling nyenyak dan susah dibangunin
1. B (tetap mendengkur meski ada Tsunami)
2. AB (jika lagi mood, sleeping is everything)
3. A (tidur harus 8 jam sehari, sesuai hukum)
4. O (baru tidur kalau benar2 capek dan membutuhkan)

Yg paling cepet tertidur
1. B (paling mudah ngantuk, bahkan sambil berdiripun bisa tertidur)
2. O (Kalau lagi capek dan gak ada kerjaan mudah ngantuk)
3. AB (tergantung kehendak)
4. A (tergantung aturan dan orario)

Penyakit yg mudah menyerang
1. A (stress)
2. B (lemah terhadap virus)
3. O (gangguan pencernaan)
4. AB (serangan jantung, mudah kaget)

Apa yg perlu dianjurkan agar tetap sehat
1. A (Krn terlalu perfeksionis maka nyantailah sekali-kali, gak usah terlalu
tegang dan serius)
2. B (Krn terlalu susah berkonsentrasi, sekali-kali perlu serius sedikit,
meditasi, main catur)
3. O (Krn daya konsentrasi tinggi, maka perlu juga mengobrol santai, jalan-jalan)
4. AB (Krn gampang capek, maka perlu cari kegiatan yg menyenangkan dan bikin lega)

Yg paling sering kecelakaan lalu lintas (berdasarkan data kepolisian)
1. A
2. B
3. O
4. AB


9 Foods for Health

Friday, 17 July 2009

It's good to have milk or fruit or vegetables in your plate every day, because it contains good nutrition for your body. But new research reveals some foods with extraordinary nutritions for your meal. Forget about a dozen of tablets nutrition, a thousand brand of multivitamin that can be found in every supermarket..As our nature already provides our needs with it's own way..and a solution for our health without a negotiation in the end..

This petite fruit contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C, and just 5 milligrams short of the daily recommendation for women. Research links that Vitamin C can improve eyesight, lower cancer risks, and better heart health. A high supply of vitamin C also can make wrinkles less noticeable (according to Melina Jampolis, MD, a San Francisco–based physician who specializes in nutrition and is the author of The Busy Person’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss).

Plus: Kiwifruit contains 20% more potassium than banana and is one of few fruits (also vegetables) that contains Vitamin E in it.

While broccoli contains super antioxidants, then mushrooms contains tons of phytochemicals, natural sources that may help prevent cancer. Just grab whatever variety (eatable of course, not the poison one) suits you, as all of them has a healthy package.
But the researchers found that crimini (small and brown mushrooms) and portobello, contains high of antioxidants as string beans, red bell papers and carrots.

Plus: Eating mushrooms capables of giving our body a stronger immune response and reduced inflammation.

Raspberries are the main source of ellagitannins, a type of antioxidant that have anticancer effect. This fruit also contains Vitamin K, which helps increase bone mineral density, reducing risk of fractures.

Plus: a cup of raspberries has 8 grams of fiber, a great sources for women to give protection against colon cancer and fullfill our 25 grams of fiber a day. It also helps preventing digestive disorder, and heart disease (according Kerry Neville, RD, a spokewoman for American Dietetic Association).

Almond are thought to help lower high cholesterol. But walnuts are full of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), the plant based omega 3 fat that not only help prevent heart disease but also boost up brain function, memory, and mood. It is said, that 14 shelled walnuts halves, provides 2.5 grams of omega 3s.

Plus: A Loma Linda University study found that the omega 3s in walnuts may lower cholesterol more effectively than those found in salmon.

Red Beans
The phytochemicals that found in most beans are believed to protect against cancer and heart disease, and red beans have the highest amounts. Red beans also have three times antioxidants of black beans.

Plus: Red beans are good source of iron, folate especially for women at childbearing age and weight controlling fiber.

Swiss Chard
“It’s a fabulous brain food, helpful in fighting Alzheimer’s and improving mental function,” Dr. Jampolis says. A Tufts University study found a strong connection between a higher intake of B-vitamin-rich foods—like chard—and decreased risk of cognitive decline. Swiss chard is also a good source of vitamin E and folate, nutrients believed to protect the brain.

Plus: Swiss chard is rich in lutein, a caratenoid that helps protect against age related macular degeneration.

Sardines---riches of omega 3s, are more sustainable choice than salmon, which is also low in mercury.

Plus: Sardines are great source of Vitamin D, a key nutrient that experts say most of us lack in sufficient amounts. Getting more Vitamin D, may boost your mood, lower risks of heart disease and cancer, and support immune system.

One cup of watermelon serves more than twice the lycopene (a pigment that may reduce risk of heart disease and ovarian and cervicals cancer) of tomatoes about 7.8 milligrams.

Plus: Watermelon offers healthy amounts of vitamins A and C, and it just has 40 calories per cup.

Pumpkin Seeds
Like chocolate, pumpkin seeds contains amino acid tryptophan, which is for mood elevator, but less fat and calories.

Plus: An ounce serves up 150 milligrams of immune system and bone strengthening magnesium, about half of your daily requirement.


My memorial for Michael Jackson

Born in Gary, Indiana, United State, August 25, 1958. Hahaha...and i always admiring his "moonwalk" dance.
I did not realize i already became a fans of Michael Jackson since i was a kid, untill i heard his latest news, his death. When i read the news on one of website, it is like there's a huge rock hit my head. I did not believe it, i did not want to believe it actually. But then, many news and chitchats and confirmation of his death. Sad...and dissappointed. But i still hope that there would be a miracle that all the spread news are totally wrong. And then, I watched The Funeral: Michael Jackson that showed in all television, there's no excuse for denying it anymore. No excuse...My greatest admiration for him as the greatest..greatest entertainer in world, just give him a stage, and put himself on it, ask MJ to dance, and you couldn't turn your head but pointed to his dance. He is just great and jenius and being blessed with astonishing voice. He is my favourite singer...
This page i dedicated to him, Michael Joseph Jackson.
And one more thing left......
Never forget him :D

One day in your life
You’ll remember the love you found here
You’ll remember me somehow
Though you don’t need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You’ll remember one day…

One day in your life
When you find that you’re always longing
for the love we used to share
Just call my name
And I’ll be there

(One day in Your Life)
By : M.J


El Nino and LaNina

Thursday, 16 July 2009

El Nino and La Nina is an abnormal climate while the surface of Pacific Ocean (in the west coast of Equador and Peru) is higher than average. This terminology, at first, used to named warm water stream that sometimes flow from North to South between Paita and Pacasmayo port in Peru that occurs every December. But this event happens frequently every three up to seven years and gives effect to world climate.

El Nino is taken from Spain language means "little boy", refers to baby Yesus and used because this stream occurs on Christmast season, while La Nina means "little girl". Because of fluctuation from air pressure and wind pattern in South Pacific paralleled El Nino, this fenomena called El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO).


Make Your Secret Note

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I love everything secret stuff..including inform my message to someone secretly, i mean by code or invisible ink, the problem is how if that someone do not know my code..or how to see my invisible ink? Then maybe this tips can make you realize how to break my secret when i send you some "Secret Message"....

1. Create new language.
If you wanna send message to someone or small group, then you can create your own language. You can change some letters with symbol, or then often trips i often use is change one letter with another letter.
For example:
A B C D E = Z Y X W V ........


Bad Steroform

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

On 1998, a report said that on glass of instant noodles (mostly made of steroform) has founded dioksin or environment hormon.
Dioksin is chemical substance which has side effect such as make man like a woman, decrease men's sperm, mess up ability of reproduction, depress of growth.
Dioksin that found in container that made of stiren dimer and stiren trimer. But the container instant noodles not fully dangerous. As an experiment held, dioksin will emerge after 20 minutes after we pours hot water down to the cup. If we eat it on 10 minutes after, no problem, but for later on, we still need many experiments for getting more information of dioksin. But still "Avoid is better than treatment". After knowing this fact, should less our consumption using steroform for hot food. Personally, i don't agree with the using of steroform, as it take a very long time to destroy this garbage. Means, again, our earth has to burden another un-destroyed stuff we throw away.

Tips: if you like eating noodles cup, you can change the cup with glass or bowl.


Why rain caused falling hair

Nowdays, rain contains hydrate sulfure acid (hidrat asam sulfur) and hydrate nitrogen acid (hidrat asam nitrogen), as cause of using excess coal and petroleum. This rain called acid rain. Acid rain cause changing of nature of soil and effect pH of water in river, and this changing destroy the ecosystem. But this effect not just stop right there, but also effect our body, especially our head skin.
Acid rain has nature of destroying protein, so it has negative effect for our head skin.
This is the reason why rain is one of the factor of falling hair (so be carefull).
One more thing, falling rain after long dryness has higher acidity degree.


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