Tips for washing out oil spot

Sunday, 17 May 2009

If your shirt got hit by oil spot, it will be difficult to fade away the spot. But do you know, just with flatiron you can get your dress back as it is before. First, put oil paper (which can absorb oil) or cotton at the spot. Then iron it with low temperature until it hot. Naturally, the oil spot will be transferred to the surface of cotton....

I hope it's useful for you.


A li'l magic for your crack glass

Sometimes in a hurry, I often pours down hot water directly to my ceramic glass, and crack..Ggrreeaat....where as i like that glass.
Luckily, I'm not throw away my glass as i saw an article about how to reflated my glass. But let me explain a bit about what happen to the glass when we pours down hot water too fast.
When we pours down hot or boiled water too fast, causing the inside and outside of the glass facing the fast expansion speed. Then as you know, we'll get a crack or broken glass. Here's the little secret, if the crack is not really worse, we still can fix it by putting the glass into milk. Then boiled both about 4-5 minutes. After we got boiled milk, then take away the glass.
And abracadabra...the crack already gone as if nothing happen before. Try it on!


Boiled Egg Vs Unboiled Egg

Ever been fooled by egg? Cannot make a difference between boiled and un-boiled egg? Just by seeing and touching it will make no result. Here's the simple trick.

We just have to spinned as if it's a whirligig. Because the density of boiled egg, it will be very easy to spin. Contrary with unboiled egg, the liquidity of it's structure causing irregularity of circle. Unboiled egg will keep moving and and it's difficult to stay in balance.


Charcoal + Copper

Do you ever have a problem with fishy smell of your shoes or maybe in your refrigerator? Yes...for several person, maybe it's kinda disturbing. Yup maybe my tips could help you solve your problem.

Prepare charcoal and specie (coin), then put both at your shoes when you don't wear it. Wanna know the reason? Here is some brief explation for that.
The nature of charcoal can change acidity of stuffs become alkali, while Alkali can increase activity and purify the air by killing germs or bacteria, besides the copper can control the growth of germs or bacteria. So, when we combined both charcoal and copper, and put it onto our shoes or refrigerator, the result..good bye stink and fishy smell.
Try it on ^.^


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