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Friday, 18 December 2009

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. It has 10 places which is we can directly recognize as a symbol of one area.

1. Fuji Mountain (Japan)
Fuji Yama (Yama : Mountain) is the most active mountain in Japan, height 3,776 meters. Many paintings, poems, and another arts try to show off the glorious of this mountain.On sunny day and summer season, we can see Fuji Yama clearly. If you wish to adore this fame landmark, it suits for July and August, on the peak of summer season.


Jayawijaya Mountain, Once was an Ocean Bottom

For most climbers, hiking to Jayawijaya Mountain Range is an obsession, especially with the existency of eternal snow white. On one of the peak of Jayawijaya, is the highest point of Indonesia, known as Carstensz Pyramide, with height 4.884 meters above sea level. This makes Jayawijaya is worthed to approach.

But, do you know, that once, Jayawijaya was a part of deep ocean bottom. Papua Island was created 60 million years ago. At that time, Papua Island still at the sea bottom, that was created by sedimen rock. The intensive process of sedimentation come from Australia Continent, on a very long period produce new island, Papua. A long time ago, Papua was a part of Australia Continent.

The existency of Papua Island, can not be expelled from geological theory, saying that earth, 250 million years ago, only has one continent, Pangea Continent. 240 million years up to 65 million years ago, Pangea Continent divided by two, Laurasia and Eurasia, as the mother of the all continent and mountain now. At that time, Eurasia located on south part of earth, smashed and become Gonwana, and at last become South America, Africa, India, and Australia.


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