Bad Steroform

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

On 1998, a report said that on glass of instant noodles (mostly made of steroform) has founded dioksin or environment hormon.
Dioksin is chemical substance which has side effect such as make man like a woman, decrease men's sperm, mess up ability of reproduction, depress of growth.
Dioksin that found in container that made of stiren dimer and stiren trimer. But the container instant noodles not fully dangerous. As an experiment held, dioksin will emerge after 20 minutes after we pours hot water down to the cup. If we eat it on 10 minutes after, no problem, but for later on, we still need many experiments for getting more information of dioksin. But still "Avoid is better than treatment". After knowing this fact, should less our consumption using steroform for hot food. Personally, i don't agree with the using of steroform, as it take a very long time to destroy this garbage. Means, again, our earth has to burden another un-destroyed stuff we throw away.

Tips: if you like eating noodles cup, you can change the cup with glass or bowl.


Why rain caused falling hair

Nowdays, rain contains hydrate sulfure acid (hidrat asam sulfur) and hydrate nitrogen acid (hidrat asam nitrogen), as cause of using excess coal and petroleum. This rain called acid rain. Acid rain cause changing of nature of soil and effect pH of water in river, and this changing destroy the ecosystem. But this effect not just stop right there, but also effect our body, especially our head skin.
Acid rain has nature of destroying protein, so it has negative effect for our head skin.
This is the reason why rain is one of the factor of falling hair (so be carefull).
One more thing, falling rain after long dryness has higher acidity degree.


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