The Sun Eclipse, The Last Wonders of January 2010

Thursday, 31 December 2009

The solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 is an annular eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 0.9190. It will visible as a partial eclipse in much of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. It will be seen as annular within a narrow stretch of 300 km width across Central Africa, Maldives, South Kerala, South Tamil Nadu, North Sri Lanka, Burma and China.,_2010


Meteor Shower, Second from Third Wonders of January 2010

The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

January's best meteor shower is the Quadrantids, which peaks overnight from January 3 to 4. The meteors will be somewhat diminished by a moon just a few days past full phase. The Quadrantids can have a zenithal hourly rate of 90, which is a rather strong show. Meteor showers tend to be named after the region of sky from which they appear to emanate, but the constellation Quadrans Muralis is no longer on any star maps. This extinct constellation was in the region of Hercules, Bootes, and Draco. Look north as soon as it gets dark to catch some "shooting stars".


Lunar Eclipse, First from Third Wonders of January 2010

The last lunar eclipse for the year of 2009 is one the line and all of us will witness the last lunar eclipse of 2009 along with ending year. Tonight is the last night of the 2009, the last night has been just started after the sun of last day for 2009 went into bed for sleep. Tomorrow, we will welcome the new sun of 2010 with best wishes and prayers. Anyways, we were talking about the last lunar eclipse that is on the line. The fifth and final lunar of the year will start at 10:45 pm on 31st December and will continue till 3 am on January 1st. So, you can also consider it as a joint lunar for ending year and coming year. We had 3 solar eclipses in 2009 as well.


50,000 soldier's skeleton have been found on Sahara Desert

The rest of dominated Persia's soldier which is said has been sunk in Mesir on west desert at 2,500 years ago maybe finally has been found. This in one of extraordinary discovery in archeology, according to Italian's researches.

Bronze weapon, silver bracelet, earrings and hundred of human's skeleton found on Sahara Desert, is the lost army of Cambyses II, King of Persia. It is said that about 50,000 soldier has been buried by powerful sand storm on 525 BC.

“It all started in 1996, during an expedition aimed at investigating the presence of iron meteorites near Bahrin, one small oasis not far from Siwa,” Alfredo Castiglioni, director of the Eastern Desert Research Center (CeRDO) in Varese, told Discovery News.


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