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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Camping and make adventure in the jungle, that gives a strange and deep feeling for adveture lover.There, the nearest path we can reach to feel what nature is, while everything still be there as it is.Yes everything as it is, and what you think how the life in forest will be without every simplicitywe get in modern life? How if we have to make a living in forest even just a few days but without consideration of doing it? How if...we get lost there (^.^0)? blog this time is about how we will survive in the woods if we have to...
1. Stay calm
Stay calm if you get lost. Do not get PANiC. While you panic, the possibility is you will just run or walk without direction. So don't. Stay calm and try to remember how you got there.
2. Use your compass and maps.
However, it's much more better than you walk without guidance. Recall where you come from and remeber if you make a turn and what direction the turn was.
3. Mark your way.
Whenever you move or leave your first place, give a mark, so that you can return to your first place. And it has possibility for people who looking for you could find your mark.
4. Stay put in your way.
Remember, when you can't retrace your steps, then the best thing you can do is just stay put in your one place, Create a mark so that it can be seen by the air (like make SOS sign). Or you can sing loudly, or if you have a whistle, blow it.
5. Follow a drainage or stream downhill or downstream.
It can lead you to a trail or road even a civilitation.


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