The Sun Eclipse, The Last Wonders of January 2010

Thursday, 31 December 2009

The solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 is an annular eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 0.9190. It will visible as a partial eclipse in much of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. It will be seen as annular within a narrow stretch of 300 km width across Central Africa, Maldives, South Kerala, South Tamil Nadu, North Sri Lanka, Burma and China.,_2010


Meteor Shower, Second from Third Wonders of January 2010

The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

January's best meteor shower is the Quadrantids, which peaks overnight from January 3 to 4. The meteors will be somewhat diminished by a moon just a few days past full phase. The Quadrantids can have a zenithal hourly rate of 90, which is a rather strong show. Meteor showers tend to be named after the region of sky from which they appear to emanate, but the constellation Quadrans Muralis is no longer on any star maps. This extinct constellation was in the region of Hercules, Bootes, and Draco. Look north as soon as it gets dark to catch some "shooting stars".


Lunar Eclipse, First from Third Wonders of January 2010

The last lunar eclipse for the year of 2009 is one the line and all of us will witness the last lunar eclipse of 2009 along with ending year. Tonight is the last night of the 2009, the last night has been just started after the sun of last day for 2009 went into bed for sleep. Tomorrow, we will welcome the new sun of 2010 with best wishes and prayers. Anyways, we were talking about the last lunar eclipse that is on the line. The fifth and final lunar of the year will start at 10:45 pm on 31st December and will continue till 3 am on January 1st. So, you can also consider it as a joint lunar for ending year and coming year. We had 3 solar eclipses in 2009 as well.


50,000 soldier's skeleton have been found on Sahara Desert

The rest of dominated Persia's soldier which is said has been sunk in Mesir on west desert at 2,500 years ago maybe finally has been found. This in one of extraordinary discovery in archeology, according to Italian's researches.

Bronze weapon, silver bracelet, earrings and hundred of human's skeleton found on Sahara Desert, is the lost army of Cambyses II, King of Persia. It is said that about 50,000 soldier has been buried by powerful sand storm on 525 BC.

“It all started in 1996, during an expedition aimed at investigating the presence of iron meteorites near Bahrin, one small oasis not far from Siwa,” Alfredo Castiglioni, director of the Eastern Desert Research Center (CeRDO) in Varese, told Discovery News.


Origin Of New Year

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My wishes for you, Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, Peace for March, No worries for April, Fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec, Have a lucky and wonderful 2010

New Year is the world's most popularly celebrated festival. Perhaps, everybody would like to know how these celebrations began, from where it originated and what is so important about the festival. Let's give you an insight to the origin of this grand event in a brief form.

Origin of New Year dates back to the era of emperors. They thought of celebrating a special day which should dot a day for beginning and end of the year. First New Year celebrations were noticed in Mesopotamia around 2000 years. It was celebrated at the time of Equinox in mid-March by the Egyptians, Persians and Phoenicians while Greeks celebrated it on winter solstice.


New Year Wishes

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is no more than a change of a calendar. For others, the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with these wonderful New Year wishes.

Irish toast
In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want.


Funny New Year Resolutions

Check out these funny and innovative New Year's Resolutions! Enjoy these and make some for yourself...Surely you will enjoy!!

* Just for today, I will not sit in my living room all day in my nightdress. Instead, I will move my computer into the bedroom.

* I will no longer waste my time relieving the past, instead I will spend it worrying about the future.

* I will not bore my boss by with the same excuse for taking leaves. I will think of some more excuses.


Funny Quotes - New Year Edition

Today i try to find a topic for New Year edition, as it is only one day left. But then , i found interesting and funny topics for read. Just for share...It's funny really!!!

The New Year may be a significant event for many people. But the absurdities of the celebration cannot escape a skeptic's mind. Here are some funny New Year quotes. What better way to start a New Year than with a hearty laugh? You can share your joy by greeting everybody with these funny New Year quotes.


Time to Throw Away Your Cosmetic

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Cosmetic is women's weapon for good looking and attractive. Sometimes we bought many products of cosmetic but seldom to use it. Do you know that cosmetics has an expired date as food has? Unfortunately, the common cosmetic doesn't contain the expired date as we usually see at food package. So, when is the right time to throw away our cosmetic while it can threaten our health?


Successful Diet

Monday, 28 December 2009

A nutrition expert, Nancy Clark, from Runners World Magazine, gives 10 important tips on dietary program. This simple tips will help you to have a satisfied diet -----

1. To less 10 pounds fat in a year, you'll need to decrease consumption of 100 calories a day.
Don't try to decrease too much calories from your body's need, as this action will increase your appetite and also decrease your energy. Which is will cause you  tempted to eat high calorie food.

2. Don't forget to breakfast.


You'll be Paid by You Tube Just by Watching and Give Comment

Sunday, 27 December 2009

That's true, if you like watching video, then this is your chance for getting some boxes ($$$) from YOUTUBE.

The process is easy! You simply click a video and view to earn money.But don't forget to register first.
You'll get paid $0.01 for each video you personally view, $0.10 for each comment you leave, and $0.35 for each subscription you make.

I already try it and prove it myself, just simply click here and give it a try.


Use Plastic Safely

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Nowadays, the using of plastic is inevitable from our live. But do you know that plactic has seven code, usually inform below the product (if you see below a plastic bottle, usually it will show which code the bottle is)? Some codes are dangerous for continuously using, example plastic with code 1, 3 and 7, as plastic with this code contains chemical danger. Find out which plastic is safe for using everyday and which one is better used once.


Download song for free

Just wanna share this link for you who likes download songs (free is better ^_0). In my opinion, this web has complete song and easy to download.
Step1 :
Fill the blank (the bar at the left side of your screen) with the song's title or the singer.

Step 2:
After the list drag down, choose one of them (as this web has many versions for one song). In my opinion, the first choice is the best one for your download.


Mysterious Places In Mother Earth

Sunday, 20 December 2009

1. Rio Tinto (Spain)

This place is amazing as the landscape similar with condition of the moon. It's beautiful to see Rio Tinto's photograph, but actually, this place keeps horrifying.

Rio Tinto including in Spain area, is an extremely wide mining spot, including mountain and valley, causing the local civilization has to moved to another location, a new city has been formed for this inhabitting, not far from there. The mining area is totally isolated and no lives and source of live. In fact, the water has been polluted with reddish color with low acidity ratio between Ph 1,7 - 2,5, which is the normal Ph is 7. The water contains heavy metal and totally impossible to consume.


Nature Landmark from Asia

Friday, 18 December 2009

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. It has 10 places which is we can directly recognize as a symbol of one area.

1. Fuji Mountain (Japan)
Fuji Yama (Yama : Mountain) is the most active mountain in Japan, height 3,776 meters. Many paintings, poems, and another arts try to show off the glorious of this mountain.On sunny day and summer season, we can see Fuji Yama clearly. If you wish to adore this fame landmark, it suits for July and August, on the peak of summer season.


Jayawijaya Mountain, Once was an Ocean Bottom

For most climbers, hiking to Jayawijaya Mountain Range is an obsession, especially with the existency of eternal snow white. On one of the peak of Jayawijaya, is the highest point of Indonesia, known as Carstensz Pyramide, with height 4.884 meters above sea level. This makes Jayawijaya is worthed to approach.

But, do you know, that once, Jayawijaya was a part of deep ocean bottom. Papua Island was created 60 million years ago. At that time, Papua Island still at the sea bottom, that was created by sedimen rock. The intensive process of sedimentation come from Australia Continent, on a very long period produce new island, Papua. A long time ago, Papua was a part of Australia Continent.

The existency of Papua Island, can not be expelled from geological theory, saying that earth, 250 million years ago, only has one continent, Pangea Continent. 240 million years up to 65 million years ago, Pangea Continent divided by two, Laurasia and Eurasia, as the mother of the all continent and mountain now. At that time, Eurasia located on south part of earth, smashed and become Gonwana, and at last become South America, Africa, India, and Australia.


9 Red Food for Fit and Health

Thursday, 17 December 2009

According to nutritious specialist, almost all of red fruits and vegetable contains important materials for our body, start from vitamin up to licopen and anthosianin. This both antioxidants capable of protecting our body from degenerative disease risk like heart disease, prostate cancer, stroke and others.

So gan, if you wanna keep healthy, start to consume this red stuff constantly. So here it is, the list that should contains on your dietary list :

1. Strawberry
Nyam nyam....this sweet a bit sour, is the best source of vitamin C. This fruit rich of folate keep health for your heart and help women in giving birth.


Shambhala, The Purest Land ???

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra and the ancient texts of the Zhang Zhung culture which predated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. However, Shambhala has been knowing as a Buddhist Pure Land.


Carribean, The Heaven Island

Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (most of which enclose the sea), and the surrounding coasts.
The region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and Northern America, east of Central America, and to the north of South America.
Situated largely on the Caribbean Plate, the region comprises more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays.
These islands, called the West Indies, generally form island arcs that delineate the eastern and northern edges of the Caribbean Sea.
These islands are called the West Indies because when Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492 he believed that he had reached the Indies (in Asia).


Amazing Fact about Moon

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Moon Age

Moon aged is older than is approximated. The oldest age of earth that can be estimated is about 4,6 billion years. While, the stone on the moon already reach 5,3 billion years. Can you imagine, it even older 1 billion year than our earth.

Harder above...

Normally, a structure in one planet, will be harder in the deep, will be softer in the surface. But we won't find such a fact in the moon. The deep area of moon has sponge looks like, while in the surface will be as hard as Titanium. This make moon stronger and capable of bearing attack. The biggest cauldron has 300 Km diameter, with diameter 6,4 Km. Mean while, if the stone that hit the moon crash the earth, our earth will bear cauldron about 1,200 Km.


Salar de Uyuni, The Big Big Mirror on Earth

Salar de Uyuni, a sea of salt, a salt desert, in southwestern Bolivia, was once an inland sea, or giantsalt water lake, but the water vanished into the thin dry air of Andean altitude.
About 40.000 years ago, this lake is a part of Michin Lake, when it dried, about two lakes left behind, Poopo and Uru-Uru Lake, and two biggest salt desert, Salar de Coipasa and Salar de Uyuni.

Approximately, Salar de Uyuni contains 10 billions tons of salt, and we can obtain not less than 25.000 tons of salt every year. Every November, Salar de Uyuni become a habitant for Flamingo species in South Africa, Flamingo Chili, James and Andes.


Apophis, The Lost Disaster

According to NASA, the probability of Apophis (an asteroid) to crash the earth in 2036 has become smaller.

At first, NASA said that the probability is around 1 : 45.000, that the Apophis will crash the earth on April 13, 2036.

But then, NASA confirmed that the probability left to 1 : 250.000 after re-counting the orbit line of asteroid.


How to say Happy Birthday

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Just for fun, This is how to say "Happy Birthday" in almost 130 language...


How to say “Happy Birthday”


Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag!


Urime ditelindjen!


Gueter geburtsdaa!


Melkam lidet!


Eid milaad saeed! or Kul sana wa inta/i tayeb/a! (masculine/feminine )


Taredartzet shnorhavor! or Tsenund shnorhavor!


Eida D’moladukh Hawee Brikha!


Ois guade winsch i dia zum Gbuadsdog!

Aymara (Bolivia)

Suma Urupnaya Cchuru Uromankja!


Ad gununuz mubarek! — for people older than you
Ad gunun mubarek! — for people younger than you




Ungil el cherellem!

Bengali (Bangladesh/ India)

Shuvo Jonmodin!

Bicol (Philippines)

Maogmang Pagkamundag!

Bislama (Vanuatu)

Hapi betde! or Yumi selebretem de blong bon blong yu!


ParabŽns a voc!
ParabŽns a voc,
nesta data querida muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida.


Deiz-ha-bloaz laouen deoc’h!


Chestit Rojden Den!


Som owie nek mein aryouk yrinyu!


Per molts anys! or Bon aniversari! or Moltes Felicitats!


Biba Kumplianos!


Sun Yat Fai Lok!

Chinese Fuzhou

San Ni Kuai Lo!


Sang Ngit Fai Lok!


qu ni sheng er kuai le


San ruit kua lok!


Se Jit khuai lak!

Chronia Polla



Sretan Rodendan!


Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam! !


Tillykke med fodselsdagen!


Ne gelukkege verjoardach!


Ne geleukkege verjoardoag!




Gelukkige verjaardag! or Prettige verjaardag!


Fan herte lokwinske!


Proficiat! or Perfisia!


Ne geleukkege verjeurdoag!


Gefeliciteard met oen’n verjoardag!


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! or Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!


Happy Birthday!


Felichan Naskightagon!


Palju onne sunnipaevaks!


Zorionak zure urtebetetze egunean!

Faroes ( Faroe island )

Tillukku vid fodingardegnum!


Tavalodet Mobarak!


Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!

French (Canada)

Bonne Fete!


Joyeux Anniversaire!


Lokkiche jierdei!

Gaelic (Irish)

L‡ breithe mhaith agat!

Gaelic (Scottish)

Co` latha breith sona dhuibh!

Galician (Spain)

Ledicia no teu cumpreanos!


Gilotcav dabadebis dges!


Allis Guedi zu dim Fescht!


Ois Guade zu Deim Geburdstog!


Allet Jute ooch zum Jeburtstach! or Ick wuensch da allet Jute zum Jeburtstach!


Es Muentschi zum Geburri!


Ewllews Gewtew zewm Gewbewrtstewg. Mew!


Allmecht! Iich wuensch Dir aan guuadn Gebuardsdooch!


Haerzliche Glueckwuensche zum Geburtstag!

German-Moselfraenki sch

Haezzlische Glickwunsch zem Gebordsdach!


Ick wuensch Di allns Gode ton Geburtsdach!


Ich gratelier Dir aach zum Geburtstag!


Allet Gute zum Gebuatstach!

German-Saarlaendisc h

Alles Gudde for dei Gebordsdaach!


Herzlischen Gliggwunsch zum Geburdsdaach!


Aelles Guade zom Gebordzdag!


Ois Guade zum Geburdsdog!


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!


Eytyxismena Genethlia! or Chronia Pola!


Inuuinni pilluarit!

Gronings (Netherlands)

Fielsteerd mit joen verjoardag!

Gujarati (India)

Janma Divas Mubarak!

Gujrati (Pakistan)

Saal Mubarak!

Guarani (Paraguay Indian)]

Vy-Apave Nde Arambotyre!


Hau`oli la hanau!


Yom Huledet Same’ach!

Hiligaynon (Philippines)

Masadya gid nga adlaw sa imo pagkatawo!

Hindi (India)

Janam Din ki badhai! or Janam Din ki shubkamnaayein!


Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!


Til hamingju med afmaelisdaginn!


Selamat Ulang Tahun!


La-breithe mhaith agat! or Co` latha breith sona dhut! Or Breithla Shona Dhuit!


Buon Compleanno!

Italian (Piedmont)

Bun Cumpleani!

Italian (Romagna)

At faz tent avguri ad bon cumplean!


Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!


Met Ultah yach…!


Bouon Anniversaithe!

Kannada (India)

Huttida Habba Subashayagalu!

Kapangpangan (Philippines)

Mayap a Kebaitan

Kashmiri (India)

Voharvod Mubarak Chuy!

Kazakh (Kazakstan)

Tughan kuninmen!


Quchjaj qoSlIj!


Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!


Rojbun a te piroz be!


Tulgan kunum menen!


Fortuna dies natalis!


Daudz laimes dzimsanas diena!


Sveikinu su gimtadieniu! or Geriausi linkejimaigimtadien io progal


Nkwagaliza amazalibwa go amalungi!


Vill Gleck fir daei Geburtsdaag!


Sreken roden den!

Malayalam (India)

Pirannal Aasamsakal! or Janmadinasamsakal!


Selamat Hari Jadi!


Nifrahlek ghal gheluq sninek!


Kia huritau ki a koe!

Marathi (India)

Wadhdiwasachya Shubhechha!

Mauritian Kreol

mo swet u en bonlaniverser!

Mbula (Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea)

Leleng ambai pa mbeng ku taipet i!


Torson odriin mend hurgee!


bil hoozho bi’dizhchi-neeji’ ‘aneilkaah!

Niederdeutsch (North Germany)

Ick gratuleer di scheun!


Janma dhin ko Subha kamana!


Gratulerer med dagen!

Oriya (India)

Janmadina Abhinandan!

Papiamento (lower Dutch Antilles)

Masha Pabien I hopi aña mas!

Pashto (Afganistan)

Padayish rawaz day unbaraksha!


Tavalodet Mobarak!

Pinoy (Philippines)

Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo!


Wszystkiego Najlepszego! or Wszystkiego najlepszego zokazji urodzin!
wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin

Portuguese (Brazil)

Parabens pelo seu aniversario! or Parabenspara voce! or Parabens e muitas felicidades!


Feliz Aniversario! or Parabens!

Punjabi (India)

Janam din diyan wadhayian!

Rajasthani (India)

Janam ghaanth ri badhai, khoob jeeyo!


La Multi Ani!

Rosarino Basico (Argentina)

Feneligiz Cunumplegeanagonos!


S dniom razhdjenia! or Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!


Lihkos Riegadanbeaivvis!


Manuia lou aso fanau!

Sanskrit (India)

Ravihi janmadinam aacharati!

Sardinian (Italy)

Achent’annos! Achent’annos!

Schwyzerduetsch (Swiss German)

Vill Glück zum Geburri!


Srecan Rodjendan!


Vsetko najlepsie k narodeninam!


Vse najboljse za rojstni dan!


Masego motsatsing la psalo!


Feliz Cumplea–os!

Sri Lankan

Suba Upan dinayak vewa!


Wilujeng Tepang Taun!


Mi fresteri ju!


Hongera! or Heri ya Siku kuu!


Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen


Tahnyotho or brigo!

Tagalog (Philippines)

Maligayang Bati Sa Iyong Kaarawan!


San leaz quiet lo!

Tamil (India)

Piranda naal vaazhthukkal!

Telugu (India)

Janmadina subha kankshalu!


Puttina Roju Shubakanksalu!


Suk San Wan Keut!


Droonkher Tashi Delek!

Tulu(Karnataka – India)

Putudina dina saukhya!


Dogum gunun kutlu olsun!


Mnohiya lita! or Z dnem narodjennia!

Urdu (India)

Janam Din Mubarak

Urdu (Pakistan)

Saalgirah Mubarak!


Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat!

Visayan (Philippines)

Malipayong adlaw nga natawhan!


Penblwydd Hapus i Chi!

Xhosa (South Afican)

Imini emandi kuwe!


A Freilekhn Gebortstog!

Yoruba (Nigeria)

Eku Ojobi!

Zulu (South Afican)

Ilanga elimndandi kuwe!


What to do when Earthquake come?

Sunday, 6 September 2009

I just experienced an earthquake few days ago..panic? Definitely.
Yes..Becuase i am not prepared by any training or knowledge about what should
i do when earthquake comes..
I hope all pals after read this have a clue about what we will do while experiencing
this fenomenon..

What you should do?
1. At home
For awhile, you'll be surprised with shakes on land, be prepared.
You'd better hide besides not behind the table, aware of falling goods or furniture.
If you don't have any table, use pillows to protect your head.


What to do when Earthquake come?

I just experienced an earthquake few days ago..panic? Definitely.
Yes..Becuase i am not prepared by any training or knowledge about what should
i do when earthquake comes..
I hope all pals after read this have a clue about what we will do while experiencing
this fenomenon..

What you should do?
1. At home
For awhile, you'll be surprised with shakes on land, be prepared.
You'd better hide behind the table, aware of falling goods or furniture.
If you don't have any table, use pillows to protect your head.

2. Outside
Danger come from any falling things, avoid from broken glass or ruins building.
Protect your head with your bag, hand or whatever thing you bring.

3. At mall or cinema
Don't cause any panic situation or as a victim of your panic (o__0)
Follow all the instruction from security or the staff of mall.

4. At the lift.
Don't ever use lift while earthquake visits you.
But if you are at the lift while it's happen, try to press any number button, for purposing lift
to stop at any floor. But if your lift get stuck, use the available interphone lift for help calling.

5. On the train
Hold tight any hand pole or any staff, avoiding you from falling down suddenly.
Follow all instruction from security.

6. On the car
If you are driving car, stop and get away from your car.

7. At the beach or mountain
Find any place so that you can be protected from any landslide. After the quake stops and you think
the situation already safe, stay away from spot that can cause slide easily.
If you are at the beach, danger can come from tsunami, so stay away and directly move to
higher spot.

8. Help the others.
In one disaster, you can predict this can create a mass panic, so if you are OK, try to
help the others, as the medic staff will take time to reach the main area.

9. Get right information
Many people will get trauma and shock seeing the cause and victims arrear after disaster.
However, you have to stay cool and calm, keep your self with right information from
local government. Do not give response to many spread issues. This just will lead you
to another panic situation.


Pamukkale "Cotton Castle" from Turkey

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Pamukkale, meaning "cotton castle" in Turkish, is a natural site and attraction in south-western Turkey in the Denizli Province. Pamukkale is located in Turkey's Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which enjoys a temperate climate over the greater part of the year. (Wikipedia)

Pamukkale Hierapolis

The Apollo Temple


Soqotra Island

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Soqotra Island located at Yaman, an isolated island that has about 40.000 people on it.
Name "Soqotra" is taken from Sansekerta languange means "Island of Happiness".
If you see at glance, there's nothing strange with this island. But hey...look to the detail.

You will find endemic plans here..only on Soqotra. Even, there some that is predicted has reach
20 million years ago---- O_=

Actually, there is nothing wrong...just the endemics plan here is about...strange and weird and BIG.

This one is one of family for cucumber tree (dendrosicyos socotranum).
Totally different with i ever i remember, cucumber tree is not this big. hum..

Rose of Dessert or adenium obesium.
One thing unique for this species, that you don't have to put it on the pot, or watering it.
Just throw the seed around the rocks, and it will grow just as you see it on the pic --)

The tree that looks like mushroom, by people there called "Dragon Blood" or dracaena cinnabari. This tree often made for medicine of many diseases.
Long time ago, Dragon Blood made for material of magical ritual at the middle age.


Animal with Albino

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Albino is not only occurs on human, but also animal around us. Because it's rare to happen, many animal collectors try to get this specification with high cost...

Beautiful isn't it? This is my most favourite, what about you?

I wonder what that red that a wound?

Black or white, they live peacefully 8_8

Remind me of Hedwig, probably?

White snake ????

Hey that's cute :)

He's beautiful.......


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