The Language of Nature

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Seeing and watching little thing surround us can give a big thing that you never realize before.But sometimes we get usuall with just a "big stuff". What i mean is our nature, our surroundings, that i would like to call "Languange of Nature". The behaviour of animal, plant, wind, cloud and many other things around us. They won't say "Hey, it's gonna rain" or "Today is a sunny day" or maybe "Watch out, a storm will catch us".No...but these language just leave a sign for us to discover it self, while the sign just left behind if we ignored it, but when human become more sensitive with this untold language, when we discovered what they are trying totell us, then I should welcome you to another amazing world, "The World of Universe, The Language of Nature" that actually already be there, but waiting for us to discover. For example, some trees have leaves that are very sensitive to changes in humidity and will curve upward when it becomes more humid. Increases in humidity are usually associated with rain, so the trees usually curl up their leaves before it rains.


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